Tyler Perry Shares 7-Year-Old’s Son Cute Reaction


Tyler Perry Son Cute Reaction: Tyler Perry is loved and respected to millions due for his contributions to Hollywood. In the year 2019 Perry was the New Orleans native became the first Black owner of an major television and film studio.

Tyler Perry Son Cute Reaction

Tyler Perry Son Cute Reaction

At the age of 52, Perry has established a successful career as a writer, director and playwright. However, none of this seems to be a big hit with his son of seven, who Perry recently revealed had the most hilarious reaction after finding that his father was famous.

In his appearance on Wednesday, February. 23 Episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” the “Why Did I Get Married” director and star discussed his young son Aman Tyler, and how it’s been like having Oprah Winfrey as his little one’s godmother.

For Perry the most important thing is “the books; she sends so many books to him.” He also said, “My son’s not online and other things like that, he’s not got an iPad. He can watch a few things on his iPad, perhaps for 30 minutes every occasionally however, the books. She gives him great gifts.”

The young boy Perry isn’t one to share details about his private life, stated that Aman is in an “fun age” before sharing the fun conversation they had regarding “fame.”

“I asked him, ‘Do you know what famous is?’ And he said, ‘Yeah, it’s when a lot of people know your name,'” Perry remembers. “So I asked him”You know, by this definition, there are people who believe I’m famous. Then he says”Really? Can we finish coloring now? ‘” The “Alex Cross” actor said that his son’s unconcerned response to his status as a celebrity “grounds every aspect.”

Perry has a son with his former girlfriend also fashion model Gelila Bekele. The couple first were introduced at an Prince performance in the year 2007. They welcomed their child five years later on November. 30 in 2014. They were together for another six years, before disbanding in 2020.

In another interview, the actor talked about keeping his family away from the spotlight. He explained, “We’ve been very fortunate to keep us out of public spaces when we’re traveling and things like that, so that allows him to not see all the madness that happens.”


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